How it Works


All in one gym

  • The trainer offers a range of resistance between 10lb and 85lb

  • Easy to do a complete workout of all muscle groups

Light and compact

  • The product weighs less than 20lb and can travel with you anywhere

  • Can be stored under a bed or in a small closet


  • mGym communicates with your cellphone or tablet and lets you control your training

  • exercises performed
  • repetitions
  • power developed
  • energy burned
  • training time
  • rest time
  • and more
  • mGym

    Custom training

    • With mGym you can create your training by choosing preconfigured exercises or one of the available training programs

    • Advanced features:
      • Shadow training
      • Automatic weight adjustment between workouts
      • Automatic strip set

    Reduce training time

    • The trainer will automatically adjust weight between each exercise. So you will never have to add plates or fight for dumbbells again. This alone can lead to a 30% reduction of your training time

    • Say goodbye to the tracking sheets mGym do it all automatically

    Concentric only training

    • mGym is a concentric trainer which means that resistance is applied only when you pull the bar. No force is required in the rewind phase. Recent studies show that concentric only training increases the frequency, volume, and intensity of your workout, thus leading to faster results


    Pierre-Luc and Alexandre were contemplating the idea of creating a company together and discussing what they could create that would revolutionize that field. After several meetings and explored ideas they finally found it! They would create a smart portable trainer. Having been a powerlifter athlete Pierre-Luc knew exactly what the product should do and how to create it. The mechanical and electronic design phase took over a year.

    The team had to build every component from scratch. They also had to find suppliers of the components. The following months were used to contact suppliers and find every required part. They created three final prototypes that would be used to showcase the product and demonstrate its functionality. The comments from customers were fantastic and the team knew they had a winner. That is when they decided to turn to crowdfunding to gather the money required to create the injection mold and turn their prototype into a mass produced product.

    The Team


    Alexandre is a passionate road cyclist and fitness amateur. He is always striving to stay at his best level at work and in sports. mGym is the perfect trainer to achieve his health objectives.

    He is a serial entrepreneur. He started 2 companies and developed and brought to market a product that is now marketed by a major company in the US. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from Laval University with a certificate in management. He has also worked on the design of electronic boards and microcontroller programming. Alexandre has extensive training in management, negotiations, communications, law, and leadership. He has served on the boards of NPO and children’s education is a big motivator for him.


    Pierre-Luc is a former high-level powerlifter. He makes it a must to be in shape to stay at his best for his favorite sport: ice hockey. mGym is his new best friend to keep him in shape.

    He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Ecole de TechnologieSupérieure. He is a specialist in certification and design of high-tech products. He spent several years in the design and programming of electronic cards. His areas of expertise include the design and implementation of high-speed signal acquisition boards, programming logic circuits, real-time operating systems, and the design and implementation of signal processing algorithms. He has led several design and certification projects from prototype to mass deployment for large high-tech companies.

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